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We all want a beautiful, green lawn that makes our home stand out and provide beauty and tranquility. Acquiring such a landscape takes a lot of work, and many residential property owners simply do not have the time or knowledge to create the yard they desire. Hiring a professional landscaping company like Rick Roberts Lawn Service allows homeowners to get the expertise they need to design a landscape to compliment their home.

As a professional Lee County landscaping company, we provide a variety of services that will make your lawn look beautiful and keep it healthy. We offer everything from lawn mowing and mulching to pest control and landscape design. You can count on our Lee County landscaping company for superior quality landscaping results, all at a fair price. Contact us today to learn more about our services and for a free estimate and consultation regarding your residential or commercial landscaping project.

Rick Roberts Lawn Service – Lee County Landscape Design

Professional Lee County landscaping is a good investment for your property. It can improve the curb appeal of your home and increase resale value. A manicured lawn makes your home look well cared for and appealing. Not only will you enjoy spending time in your yard, you will be proud of the way it looks every time you pull into the driveway.

Lee County homeowners wanting to increase the value of their property would do well to consider the cost-effective, return potential of a quality landscape design, and to safeguard their investments by hiring a licensed, professional landscaping company to perform the work. Quality landscaping can result in more than a 100% return on your investment. Statistics compiled by The Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association note that:

  • Landscaping can increase the resale value of a Lee County property by as much as 14%
  • The sale of a property can increase by as much as six weeks
  • A landscaped patio can increase property value by 12.4%
  • A landscaped curb can raise property value by 4.4% and hedges can add 3.6%

For those who are not yet thinking of resale value, there are numerous non-monetary benefits to enjoy from landscaping your Lee County commercial or residential property. Landscaping can block unpleasant views, reduce noise levels and decrease crime, in addition to improving and optimizing the appearance and use of the property. Workers that have a view of trees and flowers feel less job stress and have more job satisfaction, while fear and anger is reduced when views of plants are possible. Additionally, when properly selected and placed, plants can lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%.

All of these benefits are dependent, of course, on the landscape design and installation being done by a professional Lee County landscaping company in a competent manner. Poor construction, improper installation and low quality plants can turn your property into a liability. Furthermore, unskilled maintenance can quickly ruin your investment.

For your landscape design needs, contact the professionals at Rick Roberts Lawn Service. We have over 20 years of experience in providing exceptional quality landscaping services, and we have Lee County landscape designers on staff. Our landscape artists have the talent and knowledge to implement creative and properly installed landscape designs for both residential and commercial properties in Southwest Florida.

Lee County Residential Lawn Maintenance

Improper installation and maintenance of Lee County landscaping projects actually decreases and detracts from a property’s value. Maintaining the trees, shrubs, plants and grass on your property requires more than sufficient watering and occasional weeding and pruning. Soil must be monitored for proper pH levels, compaction, nutrient content, water drainage, and grub control. Trees must be trimmed for maximum growth, as well as safety, and sprinkler systems must be maintained to protect the investment. With so many factors influencing the health of your yard, lawn maintenance can quickly become overwhelming.

By hiring a Lee County landscape maintenance company, you eliminate all hassles associated with property upkeep. Qualified professionals will often know, just by looking at your lawn, where grubs are likely infested, whether a certain tree will thrive in a certain area and if your yard could benefit from a lime treatment to balance the soil pH levels. They will know when to aerate, when to plant and when to prune. Meanwhile, you won’t damage your turf through over-aeration or waste money on improperly applied lime treatments. Hiring Lee County landscaping professionals with the knowledge and experience will not only eliminate hassles for you, it will safeguard your investment by keeping it healthy, ensuring you the maximum amount of return.


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Lee County Fertilizing

If you want a lawn that shines with health and happiness, then one of the most essential things you need to do is to look deeply into spring lawn care. Many people have a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to spring lawn care. This results in a mediocre garden or lawn. The best thing to do is to avoid all lethargy associated with lawn care during the spring. Proper Lee County lawn care will help you have an amazing looking garden for the entire year.

What are some of the things you need to do to maintain your lawn well during spring? To begin with, you have to see to it that your lawn is well fertilized and watered. Before undertaking fertilization, de-thatching and aeration are crucial. De-thatching is done to get rid of the withered roots and leaf layers that have gathered around the foot of the grass. Doing this ensures that the grass on your lawn is free from diseases and other illnesses. Aeration is done so that nutrients and water enter the soil very effectively and help the grass grow in a healthy manner.

When it comes to fertilizers, avoiding chemical fertilizers is the sensible step that you can take. The reason is that chemical fertilizers are usually poisonous and could negatively impact your well being and that of the environment, too. So, stick to organic fertilizers whenever possible. If you are clueless about the right kind of organic fertilizer for your lawn, all you have to do is take the help of a soil analyst who will guide you in this area. Generally, what a soil analyst does is to determine the nutrients that your lawn needs and recommend organic fertilizers that make up for the scarcity of nutrients in the soil. While shopping for supplies and garden tools for your lawn during spring, you can also get hold of the organic fertilizers that you need. Call your Lee County landscaping company today to schedule proper lawn maintenance services, including fertilizing!