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Rick Roberts Lawn Service is a family owned and operated Bonita Springs landscaping company with over 20 years of professional experience in landscaping. We are licensed and fully insured landscape contractors in both Lee and Collier County, and our team of landscape artists and technicians have the skills, talent and equipment needed to take care of all your commercial and residential landscape design needs.

From lawn maintenance to creating beautiful land scape designs complete with perfectly implemented landscape lighting, you can count on our Bonita Springs landscaping company for superior quality results – all at a fair price. We take pride in providing home and business owners in Southwest Florida with exceptional quality landscaping, and offer a one-stop-shop approach for all your Bonita Springs residential and commercial landscaping needs. From mulching and mowing to installing sod and landscape designs, whatever your lawn needs, our Bonita Springs landscaping company can take care of it. Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation regarding your Bonita Springs landscaping project, and see the difference Rick Roberts Lawn Service can make for your lawn today.

Rick Roberts Lawn Service – Bonita Springs Landscape Design

We all want a beautiful, green lawn that makes our home stand out and provide beauty and tranquility. Acquiring that kind of landscape design takes a lot of work, however, and many residential property owners simply do not have the time or knowledge to create the yard they desire. Hiring a professional Bonita Springs landscaping company like Rick Roberts Lawn Service allows homeowners to get the expertise they need to design a landscape to compliment their home.

Our Bonita Springs landscaping company has certified landscape designers on staff, so you can rest assured that your landscaping project will be a beautiful success. The team of talented landscape artists at Rick Roberts Lawn Service are highly creative, versatile and knowledgeable in all aspects of Southwest Florida residential and commercial landscaping. We design elegant and functional landscaping that will fit well with the architecture and color of you home or business, while provide you with the beauty and style you desire. Let us design the outdoor living space or commercial landscaping features you’ve been dreaming of for your Southwest Florida property. Contact Rick Roberts Lawn Service today for professional Bonita Springs landscape design services.

Bonita Springs Pest Control

Don’t let insects ruin your beautifully constructed Bonita Springs landscape! Contact Rick Roberts Lawn Service for outdoor pest control services.

A professional pest control service is highly recommended if you are concerned about bugs infesting your lawn and destroying your plants because pest control through insecticides and other chemicals is a very delicate subject. If done incorrectly, you could end up destroying the very plants you are trying to save. Avoid getting into a dejected state where you don’t feel like ever planning another lawn creation attempt, and contact our professional, certified Bonita Springs pest control operators at Rick Roberts Lawn Service.


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Bonita Springs Residential Lawn Maintenance

A Bonita Springs home with a freshly mowed lawn and beautiful bed of flowers is always a sight to behold. All home owners dream of having a well maintained house exterior.

While some people prefer not having any outdoor garden to think about, there are people who devote time and effort in keeping their front lawns in a magnificent form and enjoy doing so. Having a well maintained home exterior not only provides aesthetics to your home, it also automatically appraises the value of your property. This is a win-win situation. You gain a beautiful exterior, while everybody including you get higher property values.

Most Bonita Springs homeowners prefer doing the gardening by themselves, even considering it as a hobby. It is indeed an advantage for an individual to have a green thumb as he or she will not have any problem in maintaining his or her greenery at home. This is also an effective way to save some money and develop a fun hobby on weekends.

However, there are some Bonita Springs professional landscapers you can hire to do your landscaping. They are skilled “gardeners” who not only have the green thumb to make flowers bloom and make trees bear fruit; they are also artists who can put together different elements to create one harmonious picture for your home facade.

While flower beds and plant pots can be enough for any landscape projects, there are other items to consider when beautifying your front lawn or backyard. Stone boulders, fountains, and brick tiles are just some accent pieces you can use to enhance the beauty of your outdoor area. It is also important to keep your landscape looking beautiful with residential lawn maintenance. This can be a time consuming task, though, and there are several aspects involved such as soil analysis and proper fertilization. Hiring a professional Bonita Springs landscaping company for your residential lawn maintenance needs is often times the best course of action, as they will have the knowledge and tools to properly care for your lawn.

A beautiful Bonita Springs home landscape is the perfect backdrop for any outdoor gathering at home. Host tea or cocktail parties at the backyard to let your guests be surrounded by the sweet-smelling flowers of your garden while enjoying the cool breeze under the shade of your trees. This kind of environment is really perfect for a variety of activities.