Pest Control: Types of Southwest Florida Lawn Pests

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Southwest Florida Pest controlLawn Pests is the broad name given that covers all sorts of weeds, fungal diseases and insects that cause grief to turf grasses. Often times you will need to seek the services of a professional Southwest Florida pest control company in order to take care of the pests affecting your lawn.

Weeds in lawns (and gardens for that matter) include all plants that are considered undesirable to the garden area. Basically a weed is considered to be an unwanted plant that finds its way in to any environment including gardens, landscape areas and agricultural environments including rivers and farming areas. Weeds are also found in natural park land and forest areas. These weeds may be plants that have found their way into these environments as an introduced species by colonial settlers. Success in eradicating weeds in Southwest Florida lawns is varied depending on the type of turf grass. With the help of professional turf herbicides, you can eradicate all weeds in Bermuda grass. Less success is achieved with most other turf grasses. It is recommended to consult a professional Southwest Florida lawn maintenance company for weed control services.

Fungal diseases in turf grasses take all forms and occur at different times of the year. Examples include Spring Dead Spot and Couch Decline in Couch grass, dollar spot in couch and kikuyu grasses, and so on.

Lawn insect pests are categorized as follows. Pest insects include scarab beetles, leaf eating caterpillars such as army worm and sod web worm, weevil insects including Bill Bug, and couch mite. The damage caused by these different lawn insect pests is devastating and different in the way the host plant (the lawn) is attacked. If your Southwest Florida lawn is suffering from plant damaging insects, it is advised to consult with a professional pest control company or lawn maintenance company that offers pest control services in order to take care of the problem.

All lawn pests are the bane of lawn lovers. Fortunately, there are herbicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal products that help to alleviate the problem caused by all these pests.


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