Know Some Common Pests That Invade Lawns In The Southwest Florida Area

Southwest Florida lawn maintenanceThere is probably nothing more frustrating than working to establish the perfect lawn, only to have pests move in and claim it as theirs. The damage that results, and the efforts made to rectify the problem, are enough to make you wish that you could just fill in the yard with sand and claim it as Southwest Florida beachfront property. Did you know the leading cause of critter invasion and destruction is not being able to identify that you even have pests in the first place?

Unfortunately, by the time you see signs of destruction that is easily identifiable with an untrained eye, it is too late to quickly and easily fix the problem. Having ongoing professional care and maintenance is a great way to avoid major issues and destruction. At least knowing a little bit about some common pests you may find in the lower part of the Sunshine State is a great place to start.

What You Need to Know About Lawn Pests

More than likely, some of these you have already seen and maybe even dealt with.

You cannot reside in the state of Florida without being familiar with fire ants. In fact, most of us, at some point or another, have gotten a little too familiar and ended up being bitten by these harmful pests. What you usually spot is the colony’s home, a mound of various sizes, of dug up soil. The worst part is that fire ants are active, all year long, but they swarm between spring and fall. They are one of the few pests that are harmful to both lawns and people.

Grubs are C-shaped insects that are typically a milky white. Although their larvae hatch in May and June, like fire ants, these critters are also active all year long. They feed off the root system of turf grasses, and lead to extensive damage. You may spot brown patches or feel soft and spongy areas, these are an indication the grass is already dead. While not harmful to humans, grubs can destroy your entire lawn, if left untreated.

During spring and fall, a pest you may encounter is the sodweb worm. Their color may vary, but they have fine hairs covering their body. Evidence of the presence of this type of worm is brown spots or gnawed grass blades that display a ragged edge appearance. With a large enough infestation, an entire lawn can be ravished in just a number of days, and they are common on golf courses, too.

The top threat to St. Augustine grass is the chinch bug. Although it can infest other types of grass, it is known as the number one pest of St. Augustine grass. In our part of the state, these bugs are also active all year long. They pierce the grass and then suck it dry, while also injecting a toxin back into the blade that kills it. They also can rather easily eradicate an entire lawn, and in a relatively brief time period.

Put an End to Pests

Protect your lawn from total annihilation and call on Rick Roberts Lawn Service Inc. for help with your grass and pests. We even have full-service lawn applications programs that include fertilization, as well as disease, weed and pest control. Keep in mind, the healthier the grass, the less
likely it is to be susceptible to issues like insects and related damage.

The work we do is meant to help prevent the problem from starting in the first place. However, we will also be there to help with any issues that may arise. Two generations of local lawn care service can’t be wrong, we promise you the best in care and results.

If you are looking for a Southwest Florida lawn maintenance specialist, please call us today at 239.303.0821 or complete our online service request form.