The Basics of Lawn Nutrition

Lehigh Valley Lawn MaintenanceAs a homeowner, it’s important to you that your lawn always looks its best, and that means that you need to keep your lawn as healthy as possible at all times. At Rick Roberts Lawn Service, Inc., our Lee County landscaping contractors understand the importance of making sure that your lawn receives essential nutrients so that it can always be healthy and vibrant.

Healthier lawns have a number of advantages, some of which include:

  • Better color, density, growth, and tolerance of stress factors.
  • Resist damage from drought, insects, and disease.
  • Have fewer weeds and insects.
  • Reduce run-off and erosion.
  • Require fewer control applications over time.

Our landscapers can assess your lawn and determine the right fertilizers and nutrients to help you maintain the health of your lawn. Some factors include seasonal growth patterns of the grass on your lawn, local weather and climate, and the nutrients that your grass demands. Only a trained lawn care specialist will be able to accurately determine which lawn nutrients are necessary for your lawn, as well as what levels of nutrition will help provide the healthiest grass.

Hiring a Professional for Lawn Nutrition Services

Many homeowners do consider fertilizing their lawns on their own, but before you attempt to take care of that job, you seriously consider its difficulty. It may take three to five repeat applications of fertilizer throughout the year in order for the fertilizer to be effective to your Lee County home’s lawn. While you might end up paying more money for a professional landscaper to do the job, we’ll be able to guarantee that the right fertilizers are applied at the right times in order to keep your lawn as healthy as possible throughout the year.

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

The health and appearance of your lawn are entirely dependent on the nutrition that it receives. Making sure that your Lee Count home’s lawn receives excellent nutrition will give you these and more benefits:

  • Making sure that your lawn is properly fertilized will give it the nutrients that it needs to thrive, like nitrogen, which gives grass a rich green color.
  • Regular lawn fertilization services promote growth and allow your grass to more quickly recuperate from disease and infestation.
  • Our balanced fertilization services will promote growth prevent overgrowth caused by over-fertilization. Plus, they’ll help your lawn fight against weeds.

Our landscapers will work with you to keep your lawn as healthy and attractive as possible at all times.

If you are looking for a Southwest Florida lawn maintenance specialist, please call us today at 239.303.0821 or complete our online service request form.