How Your Landscape Design Can Help You Conserve Water

Category: Landscaping

landscape-design-lehigh-acresMore and more homeowners across the country are growing increasingly concerned with making their homes more environmentally friendly. An environmentally friendly home isn’t only good for the Earth, but it can also directly benefit you as a homeowners. Environmentally friendly practices aren’t just a fad—because they’re based on being more efficient with your resources, they can help you save time, money, and effort as well.

There are plenty of resources for finding ways to be more environmentally friendly inside your home, but it can be more difficult to find resources for improving conservation outdoors. Thankfully, going green doesn’t much more than conserving water and energy, and the professional Lehigh Acres landscaping contractors at Rick Roberts Lawn Service, Inc. have put together a few of the best ways to conserve water with your landscape design:

Use Water-Wise Plants

Water-wise plants are named for their ability to thrive in even desert conditions, so planting them in your yard is a great way to decrease the amount of water you need to use to maintain your landscape. These plants don’t require nearly as much water as others, but they’re very attractive and often more distinctive than other plants.

Using too much water in your landscape is very easy to do, and while there’s no way to get around using water for your Lehigh Acres landscape, water-wise plants can ensure that you need to use much less. Some great water-wise plants include:

  • Yucca
  • Sunflowers
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Sage

Use Mulch in Your Garden

Mulch is another great to limit the amount of water that your Lehigh Acres landscape requires. Mulch helps to keep weeds out of gardens, and weeds will often use much of the water that you’re attempting to provide to your plants. Mulch can also retain water for your plants so that you can water them less frequently.

Organic and low-cost mulches can come from almost anywhere. Compost, chopped leaves, or even shredded newspaper can all be use as alternatives to chemical-rich store-bought mulch.

Use a Mediterranean Landscape Style

Mediterranean landscapes often feature large, open courtyards that are easy to maintain and don’t require very much water. Concrete walls and gravel beds are also prevalent. They are frequently decorated with topiary trees, vines, and other water conserving plants.

Install a Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are simply small holes or depressions in the ground that take rainwater from roofs, sidewalks, driveways, and other urban features and bring it back into the ground.

Instead of returning to storm drains, the rain will can return to the ground on your Lehigh Acres property. This will improve the quality of nearby bodies of water and decrease the costs of local water cleaning.

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