Benefits of Fertilization – How Your Lawn Can Benefit

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Lawn Fertilization Southwest FLHaving a home in Southwest Florida means being able to partake in summer activities, all year long. This means more beach time, pool time and time spent outside in the yard. As a result, it also means needing to take care of your lawn, all throughout the year.

One of the key factors that will help keep your lawn in tiptop shape is fertilization. Unfortunately, this is something a few too many homeowners skip. Don’t forget, the work is not just about establishing the perfect lawn, it is about being able to keep it that way.

Advantages of Fertilization for You Grass

Sure, fertilizing your yard is supposed to keep it healthy. However, there is more to it than that.

Fertilization in Southwest Florida improves the root system which does make your grass healthier. However, this is also what makes it thicker and more vibrant in color.

When grass is healthier and stronger, this makes it easier to ward off potential threats, such as disease and pests. Your lawn is susceptible to a number of types of diseases and pests, even weeds, and if it is healthier and stronger, it has an enhanced ability to fight this off.

Thicker grass is more comfortable for running around in bare feet. Not to mention, this enables the grass to better tolerate foot traffic, in the first place.

Healthy roots can take in more water, in order to stay hydrated. This means you are less likely to be stuck with a middy swamp of a yard.

Plus, you have peace of mind. You can think and worry less about the condition of your yard, by getting proactive about fertilization.

Rely on the Experts

The easiest way to get better insight and take better care of your yard, is by counting on the landscaping pros here at Rick Roberts Lawn Service. We take great pride in this line of work and that shows in the customer satisfaction rating we have earned.

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