Top Reasons To Go Pro With Southwest Florida Pest Control

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People who are dealing with thousands of unwanted guests may wish to look to what professional exterminators have to offer. Nobody could ever desire to deal with the extremely difficult situation of living in a home or apartment that is infested with pests. And surely, nobody wants to work in an office that suffers from […]

Top Tips About Using Southwest Florida Pesticides

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If any application of any pesticide is made to a lawn as part of a service provided by a person or business, then a pest control business license and a certified operators certificate are needed. This includes the application of “weed and feed” herbicide/fertilizer mixtures to lawns. Failure to obtain a license for pesticide application […]

Pest Control: Types of Southwest Florida Lawn Pests

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Lawn Pests is the broad name given that covers all sorts of weeds, fungal diseases and insects that cause grief to turf grasses. Often times you will need to seek the services of a professional Southwest Florida pest control company in order to take care of the pests affecting your lawn. Weeds in lawns (and […]

About Southwest Florida Lawn Care and Pest Control

A Southwest Florida lawn becomes a scenic landscape through proper, careful and meticulous planning and maintenance. Sure it takes some time before you get even a decent lawn that requires little maintenance time, but the benefits of such a time spent are huge. Here are some tips to secure your Southwest Florida lawn from pest attacks […]

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