Know Some Common Pests That Invade Lawns In The Southwest Florida Area

There is probably nothing more frustrating than working to establish the perfect lawn, only to have pests move in and claim it as theirs. The damage that results, and the efforts made to rectify the problem, are enough to make you wish that you could just fill in the yard with sand and claim it […]

The Basics of Lawn Nutrition

As a homeowner, it’s important to you that your lawn always looks its best, and that means that you need to keep your lawn as healthy as possible at all times. At Rick Roberts Lawn Service, Inc., our Lee County landscaping contractors understand the importance of making sure that your lawn receives essential nutrients so […]

Southwest Florida Lawn Maintenance Tips

When it comes to Southwest Florida lawn maintenance, a reoccurring issue is weed control. Weeds can germinate and grow in any season, unlike the plants we sow annually. You can pull up weeds only to have new ones sprout within a few days. These weeds take food, water and space from your flowers and grass, so its […]

Loving your Lawn – Basics of Southwest Florida Lawncare

You may have a sprawling, green lawn that you like to tend spring flowers on or plant edible herbs for your kitchen; or you can have a small, quaint backyard space that is just enough for your dog to run around in or for your kids to play in with their classmates or friends. Regardless […]

What You Need To Know About Mowing Your Southwest Florida Lawn

  Mowing is an important part of Southwest Florida lawn maintenance operation. Mowing at the correct height increases turf density and root health and suppresses weeds. A dense turf impedes stormwater runoff. A healthy root system ensures that water and nutrients are absorbed and not wasted. Fewer weeds mean less need for herbicides. Recycle Grass Clippings […]

Southwest Florida Residential Lawn Maintenance: Summer Lawn Care Tips

As the weather begins to heat up, the lush green grass and foliage of spring begins to grow weeds. The summer sun beats down on yards, turning prized green lawns into dry, browned deserts. Learn more about what steps to take to maintain your Southwest Florida landscape through the summer months, which will help make your Southwest […]

Lee County Weed Control and Fertilizing – Save Money With Experts Instead of Wasting it on Trial and Error

It is a monotonous task for the Lee County home owner to find specific lawn care information on the internet. The U.S. has wildly varying climates. While the southern states will experience average summer temperatures well into the 90s, northern states will only average into the upper 70s. Because of this great disparity of temperatures and […]

How Landscaping Services Can Enhance a Southwest Florida Commercial Environment Whatever The Time of Year

As any marketing mogul will testify, image is everything when it comes to the world of business. There can be little surprise then when companies are willing to invest in quality Southwest Florida landscaping and commercial lawn maintenance services to try to most effectively build and enhance there professional, modern corporate image. This drive to display […]

Fort Myers Commercial Landscaping

Fort Myers commercial landscaping and lawn maintenance is a big job. It is best to have it done by professionals so they can get everything just right for the business. It is a hard job and it should be done by professionals so they can achieve the sophisticated and clean look that you are going […]

About Southwest Florida Lawn Care and Pest Control

A Southwest Florida lawn becomes a scenic landscape through proper, careful and meticulous planning and maintenance. Sure it takes some time before you get even a decent lawn that requires little maintenance time, but the benefits of such a time spent are huge. Here are some tips to secure your Southwest Florida lawn from pest attacks […]

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